Monday, January 2, 2012

We are....(still)

Wow!  For someone who regularly says that there's very little in this world that actually surprises me, I was completely (and pleasantly) surprised by the reactions I received from one little blog entry.  Who knew that anyone cared what I have to say?  I have lived with me 24 hours a day for 36 years plus--and I don't even care what I have to say!   I love to think, I love to observe and I love to write, but I don't love putting myself out there for the world to see---so thanks to all of you for being gentle with blog entry #1!

The response was less than gentle in my own humble home.  I started to read the first entry to my pint-sized critic, who interrupted me in the 2nd paragraph with a strong, hands-on-hips response of "Mommy, this story is boring.  Read Dora instead."  

Okaaaaaaaaay, then.
As for Day #2, New Experience #2:

Day kicked off with house being cleaned, and it stayed clean for approximately 12 minutes, which may be some sort of record.  I once swore that I would never be the kind of parent whose home decor followed a theme of plastic, made-in-China pink kid's shit.  What can I say?  I was a much better parent before I had kids.

Anyway, on to the new experience.  Hosted my first-ever Penn State bowl game party today.  While I didn't actually go to PSU, I did marry into the PSU culture, and I will say that that culture is a strong one (note that the first four letters of "culture" are, in fact, "cult".)  

I'm also the proud parent of a little girl who totes around not one, but two, footballs that she treats like dolls.  Blue Football (as she is known), wears a princess pull-up and apparently is potty training.  Brown football was actually procured at PSU and does not wear a pull-up, which proved to be slightly problematic today because Little M informed me that Brown Football "pissed hisself" today.

I know what you're thinking.  My kid's language can periodically be appalling and that kind of language is probably learned at home.  With that said, I will have you all know that no adult in this house has ever used the word "hisself", thank you very much.  :)

In any case, I couldn't give the actual name of the bowl game in which PSU played, and PSU kind of played like a high school JV squad, but that's well beyond the point.  PSU has obviously had a terrible few months, and its reputation has rightfully been battered by heinous actions taken by (or equally heinously, not taken by) high ranking officials within the organization.   Penn Staters tend to be very proud of their university, and a sad side effect of what came to light in the last few months was watching good people, who were so proud of their affiliation with a once-proud university, replace that pride with a disappointment and sadness that is analogous with learning that there's no Santa Claus.  

Officials in the university did horrible things and ignored unimaginable things- no question- but their actions did not, or should not, tarnish the character and accomplishments of the hundreds of thousands of good people who were educated on its campuses.  I think of the PSU Greeks who stand on corners in freezing cold weather collecting money for THON, a charity that has raised millions of dollars to stop childhood cancer.  I think of the many friends that I have who are amazing, accomplished and character-driven people who should remain proud of their educations.  I think of Little M, whose eyes were so big the first time she laid eyes on the PSU lion statue.  

That pride should still remain- so I was glad to be part of something today that represented a very small and private step toward moving forward and building a new legacy, with or without a win. 

As for good deed- all I will say is that you've eaten today, you're unbelievably fortunate.  Consider Philabundance.

It's a long road ahead, but we are...(still)... Penn State.

---Little Miss Sunshine

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  1. Fantastic and hilarious, Nicole! Day 2 and still going strong...keep it up girl:-)