Random Acts of Sunshine

A girl in motion, stays in motion.   A beer and Beyonce-filled New Year's Resolution led to this blog and a goal to just do better.  Damn you, Beyonce.

Trying to remain faithful to my drunken New Year's pledge to do more good deeds.  A (hopefully growing) list of good deeds actioned by the world's least cheerful person.  It might not necessarily be service with a smile, but hell....at least it's service.

Alex's Lemonade Foundation
The It Gets Better Project
The Trevor Project
Not Flipping Off an Appallingly Bad Driver
The Wounded Warrior Project
Girl Scouts
Penn State THON
Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
Giving a cupcake to a complete stranger in an elevator
Not killing stupid people
Various random acts of listening
Dinner delivery
Sharing Girl Scout Cookies when I really didn't want to
Goodwill (and a clean closet to boot!)
Random acts of mentoring
American Red Cross
Buying adult diapers (for someone other than myself, dammit) in a very crowded CVS
La Mancha
West Chester Food Cupboard
HOPE Worldwide
Memorial Sloan Kettering
Brigantine Community Center