Random Rays of Sunshine

Thought that a resurrection of the "25 Random Things About Me" list from Facebook (circa 2009) would be the most efficient way to describe me, but, apparently, I deleted the damned thing.    Since efficiency is no longer an option, I present to you the 25 REALLY Random Things About Me, 2012 edition:

1.  I am curiously obsessed with left-handedness, and have attempted, in vain, to retrain myself to be a southpaw on numerous occasions.

2.  I detest milk, barbeque sauce, bleu cheese, goat cheese, cheapness, stinginess, fur on anything other than an animal, zoos, narrow-mindedness, group-think and grey's anatomy.

3.  I love cereal and could eat it for every meal, every day (but never with milk, because milk sucks).  I wish someone would make Lucky Charms with only the marshmallows, because that would be the best cereal EVER.

4.  I've been known to indulge on shoes(!!!), but am completely fine with my daughter and her friends playing dress up in them.  The shoes are just things, and at the end of the day, things don't matter.  People matter.

5.  I can't whistle.  Or dive.  Or do a forward roll.  The thought of me doing a cartwheel is downright laughable.

6.  At the risk of sounding totally immodest,  I am the best Rummy player I've ever seen.  Trying to beat me is a waste of your time.

7.  My favorite place on earth is a place called Tattered Cover, which is a reallyreallyreally cool independent bookstore in Denver.  I could spend days buried in mounds of books... resurfacing only for an occasional Diet Dr. Pepper.

8.  I've had way too many daydreams that involve me being a rock star.  I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.

9.  Until my daughter was born, I hated the song "Brown Eyed Girl" and my own (brown) eyes.  Thought that the song was a consolation prize for all of the girls with ugly eyes like mine.    My daughter gets tons of compliments on her eyes---which are an exact replica of my own, which are an exact replica of my dad's.  Kind of think that brown eyes are pretty cool now.

10.  I absorb accents, especially when I drink.  My southern accent is spot on, and the British one isn't bad.

11.  My trademark move is coming up with a great comeback 10 seconds too late.

12.  I am painfully shy, unless I'm completely comfortable around you or I absolutely don't care.  In those circumstances, I am unbelievably outgoing.

13.  I much prefer listening to talking.  There's a reason why people are born with two ears but only one mouth.

14.  I'm far more likely to shut down than melt down.

15.  I go on cleaning benders during playoff season.   I'm being completely serious when I say that I have been known to scrub the floors by hand during particularly tense moments in games.

16.  I cannot sit in the car for more than 3 seconds without the music on.  Talk radio drives me insane.

17.  I sometimes pretend that I don't know the answers to random pop culture questions because I'm afraid that people will think I'm turbo-dork if I admit to knowing the answer.  My memory for miscellaneous nonsense is practical photographic, but I couldn't tell you what I had for lunch if someone pointed a gun at my head.

18.  I once said the words "I'm bored...I'm going to Paris."  And I did- 4 days later.  Might have been the coolest thing I've ever done.

19.  I love to travel and get unbelievably restless if I stay in one place for too long.

20.  If I show up with a dramatically different haircut or color, you can be assured that something is going on in my life.  It is how I regain control in an uncertain world:)

21.  I've purchased shoes that crush the hell out of my feet for the sole reason that they make me taller than people (and by people, I mean men) that I don't like.

22.  I'm an intensely serious person, but I don't take myself seriously at all.

23.  I literally duck, bob and weave while driving in an SUV in parking garages

24. Sometimes, I swear I go to work so that I can liberally use profanity and not care if it gets repeated or attributed to me.

25.  My daughter is the most beautiful girl in the world.  Anyone who disagrees with me will be caned:)