Sunday, January 26, 2014

Damn, she's bossy...

We, the Best Dressed Tomboys,  had our first professional disagreement this morning.

It started innocently enough.  Since we've been so lucky to have received a number of donations, we've been busy writing thank you the point where we ran low on stationery.  We made the collective decision to order our own BDT stationery, and started searching for the perfect choice.

Perfect.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  She may be the President, but she's 5.    She subscribes to the "more is more" philosophy.  Her choices are, shall we say, a bit much.

I had selected a few whimsical, if understated, notecards.  Miss Mady, on the other hand, managed to fall in love with a selection was most likely the result of breeding cupcake icing and a bad LSD trip.   Seriously.  I nearly had a seizure looking at the damned thing.

Here are snippets from our argument (i mean, discussion):

Mady:  I love this one.  It's perfect!  (Points to the notecard that resembles clown vomit).
Nicole:  Honey, that one is tacky.  Let's look at some other choices.
Mady:  What do you mean, tacky?!?!?!  (decibels raise with each word)
Nicole:  Mady.  There are more colors on this card than in a box of crayons.  No!!!!!  It's tacky.(decibels raise with each word).
Mady:  Well, your choices are boring.  I have style!  You are plain.
Nicole:  I'm not THAT plain.
Mady:  If that is what makes you sleep at night....
Nicole:  We're not ordering those cards to thank people.   You don't thank people by giving them seizures.
Mady:  Well, I'm the President, so I get to make the choices.
Nicole:  You may be the President, but I'm the one with a credit card...
(you might want to imagine me jumping in front of her and shouting "BUSTED!!!!!" immediately thereafter; however, I won't confirm or deny whether that happened).
Mady:  You always need to have the last word, don't you?

Needless to say, we have not yet ordered personalized stationery....

I work for a teeny-tiny tyrant...but damn, do I love her style.

Let the clash of wills begin...

PS- Please join us in all our glory on Feb 6th at the Mendenhall for fun, good doing, good times and good cheer....

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